Update your website schedules from anywhere in the world! Schedule bands on your website with as little as 4 clicks of the mouse! That’s It!

Complete musician, DJ, and/or performer information appears on your website automatically, including their photos, and links to their audio, videos and more!

Automated mailing lists send all your schedule info to your patrons and even to the local media!

Bar Scheduling Software


Three worlds have just collided... and we at Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) have lived in them all. As web designers, we've programmed websites for live music clubs for years. In every case, the person booking the bands was not the person updating the website, so keeping the website up-to-date was nearly impossible. We're also musicians and we've played in bands for years. We've been frustrated that most clubs never had our correct website address, or they didn't upload our new photo. And as music fans, we've also spent hours on a Friday afternoon, Googling our favorite band and club websites searching desperately for something
to do that evening.

Those three problems have one solution. Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) Bobcat Bar Scheduler gives clubs a way to easily add schedules to their websites while letting the bands and performers keep their own information current. The software also includes an automated mailing list so you don't have to do a thing!

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