Full Featured Scheduling Software (No Installation Required!)
Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) is website-based scheduling software designed specifically for clubs and bars that will allow someone with no experience to easily update their website schedule. It's as easy as picking the date, selecting the band or performer, and hitting the schedule button! Immediately, your website will be up-to-date with not only the newly scheduled performance listing, but also with photos, website links, audio clips, video clips and other information about your performer! Call us at 518-369-8510 or click here to Sign-up Now!

See an example of how to schedule a performer.
See a sample schedule page.

Automated Mailing Lists
Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) also comes with an automated email feature to send your monthly performance schedule to anyone who signs up! Add the email addresses for your local entertainment media and they will also receive up-to-date listings... and you’ll never have to lift a finger to let people know who is playing at the club! Sign-up Now!
"If just one customer walks in my door and orders a beer because they got my email that month, then Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) has paid for itself!"

bobcatbarscheduler.com Band: Ten Year Vamp

bobcatbarscheduler.com Band: Ten Year Vamp

Performer Search
Tired of taking emails and phone calls from countless bands and digging through piles of CDs and promo kits? With Bobcat Bar Scheduler's band search feature, you can easily browse bands willing to travel to your area. Look at their photos, listen to their music, watch their videos, and visit their website... find a new band in minutes rather than hours...
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How Does It Work?

Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) keeps track of your schedule and performers for you. All you need to do is link your current website to a specific website address that we give you. That's it! And we'll show you how to do that... or we'll even do it for you! Your schedule page can be altered to match the look of your current website.

Bands, musicians, DJs, comedians sign up separately and keep track of their own information, you just select them from the list! Bobcat Bar Manager has everything you need to convince your website visitors that your club is the hottest place to be that night!
Call us at 518-369-8510 or click here to Sign-up Now!

What Are The Details?

There are no details! Sign-up for Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) for as little as $8 a month! Yup, that's it! For only $8 a month, you can update your website schedule in seconds from any computer! For an additional $2 a month, add the automated mailing lists that send your monthly schedule out to all your patrons so no one forgets when their favorite band will be back! We can pretty much guarantee that due to all of Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM)‘s features, you'll see more than $8 a month in new business. And you're always welcome to cancel anytime. But more importantly than all of that... Bobcat Bar Scheduler(TM) makes keeping your website up-to-date easy and fast. You won't believe somebody didn't think of this sooner! Call us at 518-369-8510 or click here to Sign-up Now!

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